I’ve always been quite keen on rice pudding, but this is the best I have tasted so far:

As you can see my fridge is well stocked with the stuff.   Amazingly I noticed that a review by The Times Online gave it a very poor review.   Before this I had Muller Rice, but this tended to be a bit sweet as they add loads of jam etc, but this is just rice pudding.


Photos in wordpress

I have been using flickr for some time but I’m wondering how WordPress deals with photos.

It looks pretty user friendly – this is a shot I grabbed with the Samsung G600 of a notice warning about agressive sows on the coastal path just south west of Ladram Bay.

It’s pretty easy to adjust the thumbnail size, and clicking the thumbnail loads the original pic.  The Samsung produces quite big pictures but when viewed in Firefox they get resized to fit the window.

Rows of purple coloured cabbages on the coat path.  This image needed rotation, and I used the handy Gthumb image viewer to rotate it “losslessly”.  I’m not sure if Gimp does lossless rotation.

Connecting the Samsung G600 in Ubuntu

Compared with the PEBL this is a breeze!

The phone does not need anything installed, but the USB connection mode needs to be “mass storage” mode.

It will only read photos that are stored on the memory card.   This caught me out as I needed to copy my photos from the phone’s own memory to the 1GB mini SD card that was in the phone’s memory slot.

When the phone is plugged in the file manager window pops up in Ubuntu so you can view or copy your pics.

Connecting my PEBL with Ubuntu

It looks like this can be acheived using the moto4lin package

Nicely described on this site:

I have tested it by downloading a photo from the phone, but I’m not sure it has all the features of the windows app.   I wonder if it would allow me to use the phone as a modem, or send texts using the PC keyboard.   Not that I’ve ever used those features.

Ubuntu problem

I’ve now been running ubuntu for about 3 weeks, but this morning when I tried to log in I got an error message:

User’s home/.dmrc file is being ignored
by a user called aidanr which told me to input the following commands which seemed to solve the problem  .phew!

sudo chown -R [username] /home/[username]
sudo chmod -R 755 /home/[username]
sudo chown [username] $HOME/.dmrc
sudo chmod 644 $HOME/.dmrc