Jacobs Ladder at Sidmouth

It was windy and bitterly cold at Sidmouth Beach today.   Jacobs ladder leads down to the beach from the Gardens at the top – the actual wooden ladder is quite impressive being at a guess a good 60 foot, perhaps even more.

The beach is about 1km and the cliffs look like they are made of mud rather than rock.  At the far end there looks like there has been a collapse of the cliff and there is a possible risk of being cut off by the tide.   It’s mainly rock pools at the far end rather than beach.

I’m starting to get the hang of using the Samsung G600 camera – it seems to work better when using the shutter button on the side of the phone rather than the round shutter button the keypad, but it’s quite fiddly to use.

Photo taken with Samsung G600 mobile phone.   Edited using GThumb editor (lossless rotate then risize only) under Ubuntu Intrepid.


Self Portrait

Self portrait at the Bristol Planetarium

This is a bit of a cliche’d shot and it’s been done by so many people, but it’s hard to resist!

Shot with a Holga Medium Format Camera.   Scanned from a 5×5 inch print on a Canon Lide60 scanner using GIMP and Xsane under Ubuntu Intrepid.

Mind’s Eye

Mind's Eye at Cardiff University

This is quite an interesting bit of art on the wall of one of the buildings at Cardiff University.   The spots were a sort of terracotta, but all slightly different shades, so perhaps I should have shot this with colour film.

(Shot with a Holga medium format camera and scanned from a 5×5 inch print with the Canon Lide60 scanner using the Xsane plugin for Gimp)

Playing DVD movies with Ubuntu Intrepid

Intrepid comes with Totem as the default player but so far I have not had much luck getting it working (playing DVD movies) on Intrepid, but I think it worked on Hardy.   Totem comes with gstreamer by default and works with xine as well, but neither seemed to play the main movie, just the copyright bit at the start!

I seem to have had better luck with VLC and MPlayer.   I installed these using the add/remove menu.

This guide seems to have a solution that got both VLC and MPlayer working with DVD movies:

Commands used were as follows:

sudo apt-get install libdvdread3


sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/

one thing that seemed to get things running ok after running these commands was to reboot the system before trying to play a DVD

Highest Point on Quantocks

Will's Neck

It was certainly very windy this afternoon on the Quantock Hills.
This is the triangulation point at the top of “will’s neck” which is 384 metres above sea level.

As I approached I had difficulty keeping upright as the wind was so strong so i was amazed to see that someone was actually standing on top of the triangulation post!

This shot was taken looking south with the Blackdown Hills on the left and the Brendon Hills on the right.

Taken with a Samsung G600 camera Phone

Record from Last FM with Wireshark

I have recently started using the excellent rhythmbox player to listen to last FM but I have noticed that it does not seem to have an easy way to actually record music.   It will play music, but once a favorite track has finished there is no easy way to play it again which is quite frustrating!

I have tried to find where they are cached on the hard disk, but there does not seem to be an obvious location so I thought I’d capture the tcp stream using wireshark.

What I have found works quite well is to set up the a live capture with name resolution active and then play a song you want to capture.   Once the song has started playing you then right click on the live capture and hit “follow tcp stream”

You will then see a box showing text like this:

GET /user/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.mp3 HTTP/1.1
Connection: close
icy-metadata: 1
User-Agent: GStreamer souphttpsrc libsoup/2.24.1
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: audio/mpeg
Content-Length: 3884093
Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate

You then hit the “save as” button and save it as a “*****.mp3” name of your choice.

East Berlin Apartments

Condemned Apartment Block
condemned apartment block

This block was just off Alexanderplatz and it had obviously been condemned but I noticed that these interesting decorative bits has been added.

From a 5×5 print – Scanned with a Canon Lide60 scanner and imported into Gimp via the XSane plugin (os Ubuntu Intrepid)