Firefox or Opera?

Firefox 3
Opera 9

This is the default browser that comes with Ubuntu Intrepid and since I have been using it in WinXP for a while I have been quite familiar with it and know that it’s an excellent browser with good customisation and plugins.

I wanted to check what my blog looks like in another browser and as IE does not run on Ubuntu (well it might under WINE but I have not tested it).

I was pretty impressed with the simple install as the download page recognised I was running Ubuntu Intrepid and offered me the correct download.   The file was opened via GDebi Package installer by default so getting it installed could not have been easier.

I like my browser set up with as little “clutter” as possible, and with Firefox it’s easy to have Menu, Buttons & URL bar all in a single row.   Opera wanted to have the menu on a separate row so the answer was to hit ALT+F11 to hide the menu.   Firefox seems to come out first here.

Another annoyance with Opera was that I had to double click the URL bar to select all of the text, but Firefox can be configured with about:config to only require a single click.

I have not got many plugins yet on Firefox but I quite like “stylish” which has some good styles which strip out the ugly colours & backgrounds that some websites use.   I hate having to read white text on a dark background so when I encounter such a site stylish comes into action.

I have also got the Search Status plugin which displays the Alexa Rank and I can see that my blog ranks 3,316,815 compared with 23 for!

Opera is “closed source” which is possibly not quite as good as having an open source browser.  I like the idea of open source as do no doubt a lot of Ubuntu and WordPress users.

I think I’ll probably stick with Firefox as my main browser but keep Opera as an good alternative browser.


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