Playing DVD movies with Ubuntu Intrepid

Intrepid comes with Totem as the default player but so far I have not had much luck getting it working (playing DVD movies) on Intrepid, but I think it worked on Hardy.   Totem comes with gstreamer by default and works with xine as well, but neither seemed to play the main movie, just the copyright bit at the start!

I seem to have had better luck with VLC and MPlayer.   I installed these using the add/remove menu.

This guide seems to have a solution that got both VLC and MPlayer working with DVD movies:

Commands used were as follows:

sudo apt-get install libdvdread3


sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/

one thing that seemed to get things running ok after running these commands was to reboot the system before trying to play a DVD


3 thoughts on “Playing DVD movies with Ubuntu Intrepid”

  1. Hiya

    I found Totem very unreliable on Hardy – it would often not start playing, start but freeze after a few moments, or have deeply weird colour balance and no sound. Even worse with non-mainstream Hollywood DVDs such as non-English language films. For each of my discs I had to remember whether Totem, gxine, or MPlayer could play it, until I just reverted to xine, which is ok as long as Firefox isn’t still open after playing the BBC iPlayer (xine freezes, waits forever to get control of the audio devices, even if the iPlayer window is closed). But then I don’t often watch films and browse the web at the same time . . .

    Thinking about going up to Intrepid once I’ve met my current dissertation deadline . . . (don’t fix the working system at a time when you really really need it . . . ) Films have been the one thing I’ve been really disappointed in with Hardy, hoping Intrepid will be better.

    Good luck yourself!

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