Using Skype in Ubuntu Intrepid

I have been trying to get Skype set up on my Vaio Laptop running Ubuntu 8.10 and I thought it would be straightforward. I was a bit worried that the Skype download page offered Ubuntu 7.04-8.04 as I’m on 8.10!

Luckily this did not seem to matter as the “.deb” file seemed to install fine by double clicking it. The tricky bit was getting the microphone to work.

In the skype “audio settings” I used: Sound In:  HDA Intel (hw:Intel,0) Sound Out:  Pulse Ringing:  Pulse

I then ran gnome-volume-control and set it like this

screenshot-volume-control-hda-intel-alsa-mixer screenshot-volume-control-hda-intel-alsa-mixer-1 screenshot-volume-control-hda-intel-alsa-mixer-2 One thing I did notice was the input source dropdown list acted a bit odd as it would say “Mic” but that setting might not have registered properly so changing it to something else then changing it back to “Mic” again seemed to make it register.

Also the settings don’t seem to “stick” so that when I reboot I have to reselect “Mic” again!


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