Cleaning a laptop screen

Photo-0079Laptops these days seem to mainly have glossy shiny screens, unlike the original laptops of a few years ago which were mainly matt.

The trouble with glossy screens is that smears & smudges seem to be far more obvious and annoying.

Cleaning a glossy screen and ending up without any smudges is not that easy, but by chance I discovered a cleaner called “Caloclean” made by Calotherm.

I originally purchased the Caloclean with the intention of cleaning my glasses with it, but it was not very good at cleaning glasses (I much prefer “Calocoat” for this job!).

It does however work a treat for cleaning a glossy laptop screen as it generates a very fine mist, so there is less risk of getting liquid where it should not be.

Calotherm also do a “Calocloth” microfibre cloth which is ideal for cleaning the screen after spraying on the Caloclean.

These products can be got from


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