Cutting a mini sim into a micro sim

a handy sim cutter!

At the moment most sims are produced in a standard mini sim size.

This can be a major problem if you own an iPhone 4 or an iPad as they will not accept a mini sim.

Buying a micro sim often costs far more than a mini sim and choice is very limited, so it’s best to cut a sim down to size.

You can chance your luck carving it with a sharp knife & scissors or you can get a tool to cut it.

I have got myself a sim cutter from

It seems to do the trick and the sim now works in an iphone 4, and I hope to test it in an ipad.

The iphone4 comes with a handy micro-sim to mini-sim adapter which is shown holding the cut AAISP.NET sim.


Using data with a PAYG vodaphone sim

get those APN settings correct!

Just got myself a spare Vodafone PAYG sim and have put £5 credit on it using my credit card online.

This is a handy sim as there is a flat 50p per day data charge for anything up to 25mb – it’s a “fair use” cap rather than “hard” I think.

The actual sim costs nothing, and you can put as little as £5 on it which would give you up to 10 days browsing.    On days you don’t browse you don’t get charged which is far better than sims which charge a monthly data fee irrespective of how much data you actually use!

Anyway, I’ve put it in my Iphone 3gs to test it, and the first thing I notice is that the default APN settings are wrong!



Username: wap

Password: wap

However this does not work!    You need to change the settings to:


Username: wap

Password: wap

Then it will work fine.

Removing sticker residue from the Samsung N210 Netbook

I don’t know WHY Samsung have to use such aggressive adhesive for the advertising stickers on their notebooks.

This stupid sticker near the keyboard peeled off, but it was designed in such a way that the gum stayed stuck to the notebook instead of the sticker!

I thought I would rub it off with windowlene, but NO CHANCE as it would have taken me all day.

In the end I used a clothes lint remover, on of those sticky ones with peel-off sheets and after using about 4 sheets to literally PULL off the adhesive it was all 100% gone.

I expect sellotape might have worked, but forget using liquids to clean this off.

why such hard to remove stickers samsung?