Removing sticker residue from the Samsung N210 Netbook

I don’t know WHY Samsung have to use such aggressive adhesive for the advertising stickers on their notebooks.

This stupid sticker near the keyboard peeled off, but it was designed in such a way that the gum stayed stuck to the notebook instead of the sticker!

I thought I would rub it off with windowlene, but NO CHANCE as it would have taken me all day.

In the end I used a clothes lint remover, on of those sticky ones with peel-off sheets and after using about 4 sheets to literally PULL off the adhesive it was all 100% gone.

I expect sellotape might have worked, but forget using liquids to clean this off.

why such hard to remove stickers samsung?

2 thoughts on “Removing sticker residue from the Samsung N210 Netbook”

  1. You are THE MAN.
    I dont want to think about the other times I have peeled off these crappy stickers and use all kinds of stuff to get rid of the goo thats left behind. 1 sheet of lint remover and “Job Done”.

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