Using data with a PAYG vodaphone sim

get those APN settings correct!

Just got myself a spare Vodafone PAYG sim and have put £5 credit on it using my credit card online.

This is a handy sim as there is a flat 50p per day data charge for anything up to 25mb – it’s a “fair use” cap rather than “hard” I think.

The actual sim costs nothing, and you can put as little as £5 on it which would give you up to 10 days browsing.    On days you don’t browse you don’t get charged which is far better than sims which charge a monthly data fee irrespective of how much data you actually use!

Anyway, I’ve put it in my Iphone 3gs to test it, and the first thing I notice is that the default APN settings are wrong!



Username: wap

Password: wap

However this does not work!    You need to change the settings to:


Username: wap

Password: wap

Then it will work fine.


One thought on “Using data with a PAYG vodaphone sim”

  1. On my vodaphone sim and dongle that I brought a couple of years ago, I needed to use APN: pp.internet with user/pass of web/web.

    This is a dongle that was about £25, came with 1Gb usage, and the usage doesn’t expire, and to top up it’s £25/gig, iirc…

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