Been putting my new 28mm f/3.5 AI lens to the test with a few shots locally in Taunton.

Quite like the arches here.

Getting a better hang of working with this new fully manual lens.    Left the shutter speed “locked” at 1/250s and used the aperture ring to shift between f/8, f/11 & f/16 depending on the brightness/shadiness of the scene.

Seemed to work fairly well and any final exposure tweaks could then be applied in Lightroom 3 as I only ever shoot raw.

The focus was generally just left at about 2.5 metres which works well at these apertures.

Nikon D700 @ 1/250s & ISO200,  Nikkor 28mm f/3.5 AI @ f/8, Nikon SB-24 @ 1/4 power


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