Just been doing some research about IPv6 – I’m not sure if 5quidhost are “IPv6 ready” yet, but at least my ISP supports IPv6.   The trouble is that my existing router, the ZyXEL P-660HW-T1 v2 appears to only support the “legacy” IPv4 system.

I think I might update my router to the Technicolor TG582N as I have had the ZyXEL for quite a while now and as well as not supporting IPv6, it is not FTTC compatible either.

I notice I have been allocated 2 IPv6 networks on my ADSL account, a /48 and a /64 which is probably quite a lot of IP addresses!   At the moment I am just using a legacy /28 IPv4 network with 16 IP addresses (13 usable).



I now seem to have got Vuescan running OK on Ubuntu.

What I did not realise was that there were not two but three packages to install from Epson’s website for the 4490 scanner.




It was the final “plugin” package that I forgot!


My first scan effort with ubuntu – the glass walkway at castle green in Taunton

Sandbox Theme

I’ve been using the twenty twelve theme for a while, but I think I actually prefer the “sandbox” theme by plaintext.org that I used on my wordpress.com blog.

It’s quite a minimalist theme, and twenty twelve just seems a bit “generic” in appearance.

Im not sure why the wordpress.org version of sandbox is one version “older” than the wordpress.com version.

There are warbings that Sandbox has not been updated for a long time, but it still seems like a good theme.


After almost 3 years of using Windows 7 I have now gone back to Ubuntu again.

One of my worries about making the switch was if my new wireless keyboard would work OK, so I gave it a whirl using “Wubi” where it lets you install ubuntu from within windows.

This is good for “testing the water” as no disk partitioning is required and it will simply use part of the existing windows 7 partition to store its files.

I was amazed that the wireless keyboard (Logitch K400r) and its built in touch pad all worked fine, there was nothing to install, no drivers etc – it “just worked”. Not just fine but even better as scrolling and pointing with the touchpad seemed better controlled & smoother.

Note:  To disable tapping you need to hold down the blue “FN” key and at the same time press the left “mouse” key.   Doing the same again re-enables tapping.  See http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Keyboards-and-Keyboard-Mice/Disable-logitech-K400-mouse-click-tap-to-click/td-p/737830

On of the main things that made me originally ditch Ubuntu was the problems I was having playing video on sites that used adobe flash player. I use BBC iplayer quite a bit and the HD channels seemed very glitchy and jumpy for some reason. I think this problem has now been fixed as I’d imagine it was also annoying other users as well, and BBC iplayer HD now seems to play fine.

Luckily the only windows only software I use is intuit quickbooks, and not only do they not have a version for ubuntu, they seem to have stopped support for mac os as well, which seems a bit silly. Perhaps they are hoping that people will use the online version of their product, which has a monthly fee. I think I will try running quickbooks using wine, as it will be handy not having to boot to windows each time I want to use it.

Luckily my Epson wireless printer/scanner (Epson Expression Home XP-305) is supported by Epson and they supply the “deb” package for it (epson-inkjet-printer-201201w_1.0.0-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb) on the Epson support page. My PC has an AMD processor hence the amd64 in the filename.


This looks a bit like a prison, but it’s a actually the Somerset County Cricket Ground, next to the River Tone in Taunton


I’m still getting used to my Logitech K400r keyboard with intergrated touchpad – I’m wondering why they made it so that the “f” keys have to have the FN key pressed to activate them. I’ve not really figured what the keys do by default, but they have various symbols next to them, presumably for multimedia use.

I’m wondering if the K400r would work with a mac, as I don’t think Apple do a native integrated keyboard with touchpad. I don’t currently use a mac but it would be nice to have this type of device to use with it if I ever got one. I think they only do a separate keyboard & trackpad.

Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis is one of my favourite local places to visit – There are quite a lot of interesting places to see like the Cobb, and the harbour.


My favourite pub is the Royal Standard as they always serve a reliable pint of Palmers Ale – the Palmers 200 is a good one to try.

A time to avoid Lyme is new years day, as it can get very busy and is almost impossible to find parking.