I’m trying to decide if flash or no flash works best for this type of shot, and manual flash at 1/64 power seems to work best.

Other settings are ISO154, 1/30s, f/1.9


I have discovered a new trick with the GRD IV if you need to view photos without fully powering up the camera. Pressing the “play” and “disp” buttons at the same time allows this. If you actually need to take a shot you need a full powerup which extends the lens, but this “view only” mode is handy.

A thing I have noticed with WordPress is that everytime I upload a photo it saves FOUR versions, full size, 625×467, 300×224 & 150×112. I never use the smallest two versions, so in order to avoid creating them I have set the “medium” and “thumbnail” sizes to “0” pixels wide, so it no longer creates these two sizes.


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