Lyme Regis

Thought I’d use the D3100 for a change for this trip to Lyme – it takes a bit of getting used to switching from LCD on the GRD IV to viewfinder on the D3100.

This is Herbies chip bar – used them before and got a nice portion of chips cooked to order, but went to the Royal Standard this time as they serve a nice pint of Palmers ale


A load of colourful boats stacked against the path leading to the Cobb


View from the Cobb


Catching up on the news


List of prices on the cobb


Cobb buildings with seagulls



FTTC Install

Just had an upgrade from ADSL to FTTC so I’m currently on the basic 40/10 profile.

The engineer said the line was only running at 29% speed capacity so there is definitely a benefit to be had from upgrading to the 80/20 profile as the line can theoretically support 38.7 mb/s up and 137.8 mb/s down according to the line tester (see pic)


Old Photos

Just been having a look through some of my old photos from the D700 – have been busy backing up my archives from this camera.

A few months ago I pruned down my D700 archives from about 20000 shots to about 1000 as it’s easy to end up with so many shots it becomes hard to locate your favourite shots.

I have backed them up onto JVC 56160 16x DVDs from SVP, which uses a good quality Taiyo Yuden Dye so should be reasonable for archiving

Firstly from a trip to Plymouth in July 2011 – just after I had purchased my 28mm f/2.8D lens


These bits of art were in Sidmouth – done with the 50mm f/1.4 G lens not long after getting the D700


This was done in Exeter with the 28mm f.2.8D


Finally a shot from Salisbury with the 50mm 1.4G



Longrun Meadows

Not been via Longrun Meadows for a while, so thought I’d give it a go while there is so little mud underfoot for a change.

This is the “Willow Cathedral”, which was built about 2 years ago.   Looks like there has been a fair bit of work done on chopping wood from along the banks of the tone – just as well as a lot of trees got blown over or damaged in storms over the last 3 years since the longrun meadows site has been opened.


Some trees next to the river tone


A lone house on Silk Mills Lane, opposite the Park and Ride site


Firepool Lock

Thought I would have a look at what is going on at the Firepool Lock development area.

The Viridor Office is the first new building you notice as you walk along the riverside East of Taunton centre.

There seem to be a lot of locals who have criticised the building as being “ugly”, but there are far uglier office buildings already in Taunton which people forget about, such as the Taunton Deane Council offices in Belvedere Road. Perhaps local people don’t like buildings that have more than 2 stories.


Some decorative additions to the ground floor Viridor windows


I think this must be the “flagship” building of the Fire Pool Lock scheme.   It actually looks quite modern as far as design goes, compared with most of the hideous “Barratt style” homes that blight large areas of Taunton.

However it looks like the other buildings behind it regrettably seem to be much more like basic generic “estate style” homes in appearance.

This whole area is pretty cut off from the rest of the town until the “Norther Inner Distribution Road” is completed.


This is the long derelict British Railways Taunton freight concentration depot, which I assume is being retained as part of the Firepool Lock scheme.


This is part of the Northern Inner Distribution Road that has not really had any work done on it yet.


The nearby entrance to Taunton Station – I notice they have now put in Ticket Barriers.   If they wanted to cut down on fare evasion they could start by asking to see ALL tickets on the actual train rather than just saying “any tickets from Taunton” as if someone will pipe up “yes I’ve come from Taunton but I have not got a ticket”


The long derelict bridge over station road, which will form part of the new Northern Inner Distribution Road


Progress on Norton Fitzwarren Road

Looks like this road next to the railway has progressed slightly in that there is now a tarmacked pavement.

I actually walked along this section today as there were no workmen about to say “Oi – you are not supposed to walk along here yet!”

I was a bit suspicious about that green thing half way along, but this looks like it could be some sort of electricity substation for the proposed new development bordering this road.

This picture was taken from the railway footbridge which gives a good view of the area.


At the end of this unmade section it reverts to a “finished” section of road, but as it does not go anywhere yet there is little traffic, although I have seen some vehicles use it only to have to turn round when they realise it just leads to a construction site.


Work starts on new road in Taunton

This looks like the “first cut” for the construction of Taunton’s newest road, the Northern Inner Distribution Road.

This road looks set to hopefully follow on from the success of the “Third Way” which opened a couple of years ago.


Being able to get directly from Northwest Taunton to both the station and the M5 without having to go through the town will remove a lot of bottlenecks from Taunton’s snarled up traffic.

A lot of the route on the motorway side of the station was actually finished a while back, BUT this section does not actually link with anything, as the River Tone bridge has not yet been built, and this part of the road near chip lane is the important part of the route as regards linking up with the rest of Taunton’s road network.