Old Photos

Just noticed I have not added any posts for a while – I have been organising some of the photos taken with my D700, which was sold just over a year ago.

This is part of Cardiff University – I originally took a photo of this with my Holga a few years ago, but it also does not look bad on digital


A shop window in Brussels


Another from Brussels, this time in Maelbeek metro station


A group of Bath businessmen shake on a deal



Walk, Bournemouth & Tiger

I have found a handy new walk which is based on the Langford Mead trading estate – it’s pretty much all off road which I like.   One of the tallest things here is the local Orange cell mast – it must use quite a lot of power as it has a large enclosure next to it with a loud cooling fan.   In the first shot you can also see the Bookers cash and carry store.


The mast seen from the west.


I have not been to Bournemouth for about 9 months so Saturday seemed like a good weather day to make the most of the beach.

The land train regularly goes along the seafront.


Walking along the seafront


Harry Ramsdens is conveniently located on the sea front – they do a nice pint of Bulmers Cider and a traditional Haddock & Chips with mushy peas.


The service was very good and the drinks were served quickly, as the temperature reached 28 degrees in the shade!

Luckily there were tables on the outdoor terrace to make the most of the sun.


There seemed to be more of a queue on the way out of Harry Ramsdens, so it’s a matter of luck arriving when the queue is short.


Back on the seafront and a lot of people were queueing up for the Ramsdens take out service.


Strolling along the beach


There is a small funicular railway about midway between Bournemouth Pier and Boscombe Pier



Taking a photo with an HTC “one” – this gentleman seemed to be taking a long time composing the photo – perhaps he was using the one’s moving photo facility where it takes a short video clip rather than just a still photo.


Almost now at the Boscombe Pier end of the beach


The climb up to the clifftop takes a while when it is this hot as the heat is energy sapping, but this photographer was making the most of the clifftop views.


At the far western end of Bournemouth Beach is Sandbanks and the Sandbanks ferry.   This connects with Purbeck and gives easy access to Swanage & Corfe Castle.

Luckily there was almost no queue at Sandbanks but a MASSIVE queue coming the other way at the Purbeck end.


The ferry ride only takes 4 minutes and the chain link ferry has 4 lanes each containing up to 12 cars, so that’s 48 cars in total.

The Condor Ferry bound for Poole Harbour passes the bows of the Sandbanks Ferry


View from the Pedestrian deck – you can leave the car and wander round but make sure you are ready and back in your car once it arrives!


View from the lower deck


A tiger just off East Reach


Ice Cream, Drinks, Roadworks

It’s been a while since I have posted any pictures from the Ricoh GR. I have been doing some research into bikes as my bike was stolen recently so will need replacing and I have been looking at a folding bike that I can simply fold up when I get to work rather than putting it in the bike shed.

I have ridden a Mezzo bike which seems good and I’m hoping to test ride a Brompton bike as well. I might even hire a Brompton from Exeter St Davids or Bristol Temple Meads as they do good rates on hiring and the bikes will easily go on the train as luggage.

Ice Cream


Shopping at the Orchard Centre


Having a break from shopping with a drink


Shopping at Primark


Spotted Bag


Group photo


Fields near the Somerset Heritage Centre


Surveying the new road junction at Staplegrove Road – this is where the junction with the Northern Inner Distribution Road will link with Staplegrove Road


There are a lot of roadworks in Staplegrove Road at the moment