BlankSlate theme

I’ve been using the “Sandbox” theme for a while and wanted a change so had a look at some other WordPress themes.

A lot of themes seem to add quite a bit of “bloat” and I wanted just the basic theme that I can then customise.


My “style.css” file is pretty basic just:

html,body{background-color:white; color:dimgrey; max-width: 625px;margin:0 auto;font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;line-height:1;}
a:link    { color: slategrey;text-decoration: none }
a:visited { color: slategrey;text-decoration: none }
a:hover   { color: darkslateblue;text-decoration: none }
a:active  { color: darkslategrey;text-decoration: none }
.form-allowed-tags{display: none;}

This gives a white background with “dimgrey” text and a 625 pixel wide page centred in the screen with Arial text.

Links are “slategrey” with a “darkslategrey” hover colour.

The last line removes the annoying html tags next to the comment box


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