Turf Locks Sculpture

A Swan Sculpture next to the Turf Hotel

This is quite an intresting “Swan” sculpture that seems to have recently appeared at the Turf Locks, just next to the Turf Hotel.

This hotel is really a pub, but a very good pub which has the advantage of only allowing access via foot or bicycle.   The nearest main car park is about 2 miles walk from the pub, although there is a very small car park about a mile away.

I can recommend the steak & kidney pudding and a good pint of Otter Ale.

There is a nice view out over the Exe estuary as you sit drinking your well earnt pint.



I’ve always been quite keen on rice pudding, but this is the best I have tasted so far:

As you can see my fridge is well stocked with the stuff.   Amazingly I noticed that a review by The Times Online gave it a very poor review.   Before this I had Muller Rice, but this tended to be a bit sweet as they add loads of jam etc, but this is just rice pudding.