m8raw2dng Raw Processing App

There is a handy app for the Leica M8 I have been trying out recently which “unlocks” the ability to shoot in 14 bit raw instead of 8 bit DNG.

A link to the app is here: http://m8raw2dng.de/

In order to “capture” the 14 bit raw image the camera needs to be put into “service menu” mode as follows:

Press right arrow button 4 times
Press left arrow button 3 times
Press right arrow button 1 time
Press “set” button as select “RAW + jpeg fine”

People call it the “button dance” lol! I tend to disable auto power off and I stick a small bit of electrical tape on the power switch as it tends to easily be accidentally switched off.

The RAW files are about 20mb instead of the usual 10mb DNG files. The m8raw2dng app takes the RAW file and turns it into a 14bit DNG file using the exif data from the jpeg image as RAW files have no exif info stored.

iso1250 sculpture in taunton museum


iso320 dellers wharf


iso160 viridor building firepool


The m8raw2dng app (*.exe file) is quite small and can be placed anywhere you choose (eg in “my documents”) there is a small text only *.bat file which can be copied into the folder with the RAW+jpeg pairs and double clicking this will start the conversion to DNG which seems to convert about 6 files per second so pretty quick. The *.bat file hold the parameters like location of the *.exe file.

Leica M8 with Rawtherapee

These were mainly shot at f/4 although Leica digital cameras cannot record aperture as there is no data link between the lens and the body.

I quite like the B&W preset profiles in Rawtherapee – there are 4 to choose from.

1/125s, iso160


1/250s, iso160


1/250s, iso640


1/180s, iso320


1/125s, iso160


1/250s, iso160


1/250s, iso160


1/360s, iso160


1/750s, iso160


1/180s, iso160


1/250s, iso640


1/180s, iso320


More from the Leica M8

I’m gradually getting a bit more used to the Leica M8, this being my 6th day of owning it. Day 1 did not really count as I did not have a memory card that would work with it.


I have noticed that it’s quite easy to accidentally jog the focus ring on the lens as I normally keep it set about 3 metres but as I have a blackrapid strap it can brush against me and get moved as there is not much damping so it needs checking before taking a shot.


I have disabled the “auto off” feature as it does not seem to use much power when the display is off. I had it set to switch off after 10 minutes before.


I was mainly using f/5.6 today in aperture priority – it was quite sunny so could have gone with f/8 but there are a few annoying dust spots I need to shift. Had a go with a rocket blaster and shifted a few spots but some stubborn ones left.


Using discreet advance so shutter only resets once the button is released. The Epson RD1 has a lever to reset shutter rather than a motor so would have been nice on the M8.


The lens hood is a bit fiddly to take on and off so I’m tending to leave it on as the lens can easily be cleaned with it in place.