Turf Locks Sculpture

A Swan Sculpture next to the Turf Hotel

This is quite an intresting “Swan” sculpture that seems to have recently appeared at the Turf Locks, just next to the Turf Hotel.

This hotel is really a pub, but a very good pub which has the advantage of only allowing access via foot or bicycle.   The nearest main car park is about 2 miles walk from the pub, although there is a very small car park about a mile away.

I can recommend the steak & kidney pudding and a good pint of Otter Ale.

There is a nice view out over the Exe estuary as you sit drinking your well earnt pint.



Jacobs Ladder at Sidmouth

It was windy and bitterly cold at Sidmouth Beach today.   Jacobs ladder leads down to the beach from the Gardens at the top – the actual wooden ladder is quite impressive being at a guess a good 60 foot, perhaps even more.

The beach is about 1km and the cliffs look like they are made of mud rather than rock.  At the far end there looks like there has been a collapse of the cliff and there is a possible risk of being cut off by the tide.   It’s mainly rock pools at the far end rather than beach.

I’m starting to get the hang of using the Samsung G600 camera – it seems to work better when using the shutter button on the side of the phone rather than the round shutter button the keypad, but it’s quite fiddly to use.

Photo taken with Samsung G600 mobile phone.   Edited using GThumb editor (lossless rotate then risize only) under Ubuntu Intrepid.

Highest Point on Quantocks

Will's Neck

It was certainly very windy this afternoon on the Quantock Hills.
This is the triangulation point at the top of “will’s neck” which is 384 metres above sea level.

As I approached I had difficulty keeping upright as the wind was so strong so i was amazed to see that someone was actually standing on top of the triangulation post!

This shot was taken looking south with the Blackdown Hills on the left and the Brendon Hills on the right.

Taken with a Samsung G600 camera Phone