Sharks, Dragons, Kingston Loop

A regular haunt – the royal standard at lyme
Lyme has a good selection of colourful beach huts although they seem quite small
this artwork in east reach is quite new – it is to promote a local tatoo parlour
i assumed this lady is protesting aginst the number of roads that have been closed in central taunton with a “road closure” sign in front of her burnt to cinders – she might just be watching the busker but someone seems to have it in for road closures!
An eye catching display of bags in a shop in taunton – not sure what the shop is callled but the signs say “outdoors” – not sure if they are bags though
watch out for sharks in taunton library!
this footbridge is part of taunton’s 21 million pound nidr scheme – it replaces the old “40 steps” bridge and has ramps that can be used by cycles and wheelchairs – the old bridge just had 40 steps at each end
cycle racks for tdbc council staff at the deane house offices – they look fairly secure compared with some racks and are covered – i prefer a brompton which can just be parked under a desk but for people who use non-brompton bikes these would be handy racks
2 flags – one flag for each match
i wonder how many reflections of myself i can count?
portaloo – one section of the nidr road connecting the a38 priory roundabout with the a358 near taunton school
the old “kingston loop” bridge – it appears this bridge will be gone very shortly as it will be replaced with a new road bridge forming part of the NIDR road scheme
nidr pipes – these pipes lie on the path of the new road adjecent to whitehall in taunton – the 2 main town churches are visible behind the pipes
it looks from this sign that you cannot enter this area unless you are a shopper or have “written permission” – i wonder how you get the written permission if you are not a shopper and are therefore barred from entering.
praying that his bus will turn up soon
there seem to be a lot of dragons popping up in taunton recently – this has been decorated with sharpie marker pens

The Bike Tracks of Taunton

Taunton has a fairly basic network of cycle tracks and it is generally possible to get around the town avoiding busy roads, but there are certainly a lot of improvements that could be made to Taunton’s network of cycle paths.

Last week I did a circuit round the town with the goal of trying to avoid busy roads where possible.

Starting from the Holway estate there is a reasonable cycle path (shown below) linking Upper Holway Road with South Road.   This avoids having to use the busy Chestnut Drive route and is a fairly nice riverside route flanked by the Hillyfields estate on one side and Kings College playing fields on the other side.


This path exits pretty much opposite Mountfields next to a zebra crossing.   I have never been much of a fan of zebra crossings as they present a risk to pedestrians that motorists simply do not stop and I don’t think they can be legally used by cyclists, even though many cyclists use them, but there is even less guarantee that motorists will stop.   I’d much prefer them to be replaced with signalled crossings.

After crossing South Road into Mountfields Road there is a very short side road called Mountfields Park which has a mainly gravelled surface and there is a short cut through leading to Calway Road and the start of the quite decent cycle track linking with Mount Street and Vivary Park (shown in the photo below).  The cut through is annoyingly marked “no cycling” which is a pity as there would otherwise be an almost continuous cycle route from the Killams Estate to the town centre.   The only alternative route is along South Road which is a very busy road.


Vivary Park is ideal for cycling as there are a network of very wide paths all over the park.    There is a wooden bridge over the stream near the bowling club which leads past the “high ropes” linking to Fons George, Churchill Way and Sherford Road which form a cyclist friendly link with Trull Road.

Once in Trull Road there is a pedestrian crossing near the junction with Sherford Road and a few yards further along Trull Road there is a driveway marked “Queens College Conference Centre” which leads to a handy cut through linking with the Galmington Estate (via Culmhead Close).

There is a good cycle track next to College Way which leads to Galmington Road.  Once on Galmington Road there is a cycle track leading west for a couple of hundred yards which links to a good cycle track linking central Galmington with Comeytrowe Road (shown below) and this is one of the best cycle routes in the town.


The above track pretty much takes you to the far edge of the town.   If you then follow Comeytrowe lane northwards there is a steep climb which takes you to the A38 crossing at Bishops Hull Road.  If you follow Bishops Hull Road this takes you down to Silk Mills lane, which is now no longer a “lane” but is in fact Taunton’s ring Road so it is just as well there is a cycle track (as shown below) as this is one of Taunton’s busiest roads.    The cycle track is on the “non town” side of the road which seems an odd planning decision as there seem to often be more cyclists on the other side of the road which is legally not permitted for cyclists even though it is a wide pavement with very few pedestrians.


Once you have crossed over the main rail line bridge there is a cycle track leading to the Langford Mead estate.   This road will eventually bypass the village of Norton Fitzwarren but currently is a dead end road, but it luckily has a good cycle track which I expect is now a planning pre-requisite for any new major urban road project.     Much as I like cycle tracks one annoyance is those “tactile paving” slabs which have “tramline” grooves on the cycling half of the track.   All I can say is beware of these grooves when it is wet!    I normally switch to the pedestrian half to cross these slabs as the grooves are perpendicular to the direction of travel so much safer.


At the moment there are very poor east-west cycle links in the Northern Half of the town and cyclists have the option of using Greenway road  which is about as far from cycle friendly as a road can get, with nose to tail traffic and parked cars, so any cyclist who is not ultra confident and fast will end up getting bullied and squeezed by traffic (a lot of it being heavy goods vehicles) trying to get past them.

Below is a picture of the new Northern Inner Distribution Road or “NIDR” which is partially built but will hopefully provide a safe East-West link for cyclists in the northern half of the town.   As shown it has a very good cycle track and hopefully it will have a similar track alongside the currently un-built part.


Finally this picture below shows the “Third Way” with a perfect example of how NOT to build a cycle track!

The road has nice wide pavements yet the silly planners choose to paint a white line on the road itself and pass it off as a “cycling facility”.

This is a complete waste of paint as 90% of cyclists seem to use the wide safe pavement anyway so why bother painting a white line on the road?    I wonder if any of the road planners actually cycle?

I find that painted cycle lanes on a road actually encourage vehicles to pass closer as they will drive right up to the white line and any road debris also ends up in this area until swept away.


Firepool Lock

Thought I would have a look at what is going on at the Firepool Lock development area.

The Viridor Office is the first new building you notice as you walk along the riverside East of Taunton centre.

There seem to be a lot of locals who have criticised the building as being “ugly”, but there are far uglier office buildings already in Taunton which people forget about, such as the Taunton Deane Council offices in Belvedere Road. Perhaps local people don’t like buildings that have more than 2 stories.


Some decorative additions to the ground floor Viridor windows


I think this must be the “flagship” building of the Fire Pool Lock scheme.   It actually looks quite modern as far as design goes, compared with most of the hideous “Barratt style” homes that blight large areas of Taunton.

However it looks like the other buildings behind it regrettably seem to be much more like basic generic “estate style” homes in appearance.

This whole area is pretty cut off from the rest of the town until the “Norther Inner Distribution Road” is completed.


This is the long derelict British Railways Taunton freight concentration depot, which I assume is being retained as part of the Firepool Lock scheme.


This is part of the Northern Inner Distribution Road that has not really had any work done on it yet.


The nearby entrance to Taunton Station – I notice they have now put in Ticket Barriers.   If they wanted to cut down on fare evasion they could start by asking to see ALL tickets on the actual train rather than just saying “any tickets from Taunton” as if someone will pipe up “yes I’ve come from Taunton but I have not got a ticket”


The long derelict bridge over station road, which will form part of the new Northern Inner Distribution Road


Work starts on new road in Taunton

This looks like the “first cut” for the construction of Taunton’s newest road, the Northern Inner Distribution Road.

This road looks set to hopefully follow on from the success of the “Third Way” which opened a couple of years ago.


Being able to get directly from Northwest Taunton to both the station and the M5 without having to go through the town will remove a lot of bottlenecks from Taunton’s snarled up traffic.

A lot of the route on the motorway side of the station was actually finished a while back, BUT this section does not actually link with anything, as the River Tone bridge has not yet been built, and this part of the road near chip lane is the important part of the route as regards linking up with the rest of Taunton’s road network.


Looks like these businesses in Chip Lane are destined for the bulldozer.


It is not a long time now till work starts on the new Northern Inner Distribution Road (NIDR) in Taunton and these businesses are right in the path of the proposed road so will have to go.


Making Life Easier is moving neared the town to The Mount, and The Carpet Warehouse Taunton is moving further from the town to the Apple Business Centre in Frobisher Way.