Lunchtime ride on a Brompton

The Brompton seems ideal for making the best use of my lunch break.    Normally I go for a walk but the Brompton means I can go a lot further and see a lot more.

Today I did a circuit along the lanes behind Norton Fitzwarren via Allerford Crossing.

This is a large gravel storage area


A bit further along the lane – this is near the top of a rise and there was some sort of even on with large marquees.  This is near the point where the West Somerset Railway links with the Main Line.


About half way round is the Victory Level Crossing at Allerford, with the Allerford Inn in the background


The 3 speed hub gear on this hire bike seemed to cope OK with Shutewater Hill, which is pretty steep.    I think when I get round to ordering a Brompton I might go with the 6 speed model (3 hub + 2 dérailleur combo gives 6 speeds).  This would help with some of the local hills such as Blagdon Hill (Blackdowns) and Buncombe Hill (Quantocks) which are both real killers!


Progress on Norton Fitzwarren Road

Looks like this road next to the railway has progressed slightly in that there is now a tarmacked pavement.

I actually walked along this section today as there were no workmen about to say “Oi – you are not supposed to walk along here yet!”

I was a bit suspicious about that green thing half way along, but this looks like it could be some sort of electricity substation for the proposed new development bordering this road.

This picture was taken from the railway footbridge which gives a good view of the area.


At the end of this unmade section it reverts to a “finished” section of road, but as it does not go anywhere yet there is little traffic, although I have seen some vehicles use it only to have to turn round when they realise it just leads to a construction site.



This is the old Norton industrial estate


It has to a certain extent been redeveloped, but there are still large parts of it that remain as wasteland. Above is the Booker Cash and Carry site

The Somerset Heritage Centre and Westcountry Feeds are two large units that have been built – this tank was next to the car park at Westcountry Feeds, and is “under vacuum” according to the sign.


Finally the Old Cider Works, which seems to have been under construction for years now


Lunchtime Walk

Not been to Norton for a while – there seems to be a lot of construction going on there so I thought I’d see what changes have been made.

This housing estate looks simply hideous, no wonder this old lady has the umbrella so low, it must be painful for her to look at!

The estate is called “Langford Mead” but “Toytown” would be a better name I think.


I thought about using square format but I’m not so sure it works for general shots like this – I think I will save it for street photography when I’m shooting from the hip with the camera in vertical format.


This site seems to have been cleared now, until recently it was just waste ground.


I’m looking forward to this road actually being opened as it will provide a direct link next to the railway as far as the other side of Norton village.   I’m rather tempted to walk along it but not when there are workmen working on it!


I thought I’d try an arty shot of the tree sticking above the roofs.   The only annoyance is that I think I have discovered some dust on the sensor.

Unlike a DSLR you cannot simply take off the lens and zap it with a rocket blower, or a pec pad dipped in eclipse fluid.    This is shot at f/8 which is narrow for a compact – I think this GRD4 will only go as narrow as f/9, unlike f/22 for a typical SLR lens.


This is a park home estate on the edge of Norton Village.


Finally some semi derelict warehouses.   It can’t be long before this entire site is cleared


OK not quite finally, just a bit of room left in this post for this sign post.   OK I know I have shown it in a previous post, but it is quite unusual.  f/6.3 here and the dust bunny is not nearly so visible.

Bone Cave 9000m

This was certainly an unusual sign post I saw while out and about with the GRD4 today


I have not noticed this post before but my guess is that it’s something to do with the Somerset Heritage Centre which is nearby.   The road next to this sign appears to have been “under construction” for some time as it looks like it’s designed to link the village of Norton Fitzwarren with the Langford Mead trading estate.   You can walk as far as Norton Brook but there are signs saying “no entry” as it is a construction site.   It seems to be taking a long time to construct this road!

I’m trying to figure out if I prefer BW or colour with the GRD4 – I think in some ways BW has the edge, and Darktable seems to make a reasonable job at converting to BW.

I have updated the firmware to the latest version, but the Ricoh website seems to make it sound more complex than it is.   I just downloaded the “windows 7” version, unzipped it and copied it to a freshly formatted SD card in the camera using a USB lead.   Once this is done I just went to the firmware menu and selected to update.   I do not have windows 7 installed on my PC, only Ubuntu 12.04LTS, so no need for any *.exe files to upgrade the firmware.