Falling Snow

Another shot from my recent visit to Cothelstone Hill.

This was certainly a good test for the D700’s weather sealing as the driving snow on the summit meant that the camera was thickly coated in snow!

This was taken on the descent and the wind had died down a bit.

I was a bit worried that my SB-24 flash had “died” at one stage, but I think it was more the fact that the batteries needed charging.

Not sure why I shot this at 1/250s but it must have been the result of the shutter speed wheel on the D700 getting accidentally jogged.   I can “dedicate” either the front or the back wheel of the D700 to the task of controlling shutter speed but both wheels are easy to accidentally jog.   I would prefer a dial on top of the camera like on a film SLR as much less easy to change it accidentally, and also much easier to check the setting without having to look at an LCD display.

D700 with 28mm f/3.5 AI lens & SB-24 speedlight @ 1/4 power. 1/250s, f/8, iso200


Highest Point on Quantocks

Will's Neck

It was certainly very windy this afternoon on the Quantock Hills.
This is the triangulation point at the top of “will’s neck” which is 384 metres above sea level.

As I approached I had difficulty keeping upright as the wind was so strong so i was amazed to see that someone was actually standing on top of the triangulation post!

This shot was taken looking south with the Blackdown Hills on the left and the Brendon Hills on the right.

Taken with a Samsung G600 camera Phone


Misty - Seven Sisters at Cothelstone

There was a surprising amount of mist at the top of Cothelstone Hill on Thursday.

This group of trees is called “Seven Sisters” but there are only 3 large trees so I assume the other 4 must have died or got blown down at some stage as this bit of hill is really open to the elements.

There is a group of smaller trees behind that must have been planted more recently.

The trees were only visible when I was within about 25 metres if that.

(Photo taken with the Samsung G600 Mobile Phone)