A ride up Lipe Hill

One of the good things about the Brompton is that it gives me a much better choices of places to go during my lunch hour compared with just going for a walk.

Lipe hill is little more than a mile from the edge of Taunton and at 85 metres above sea level it offers fantastic views towards the Quantock Hills to the South and the Brendon Hills to the West.


The narrow lane leading to Lipe Hill goes from Comeytrowe for just over 2 miles and rejoins the A38 at the crossroads by the “World’s End” pub.    The lane is so narrow in places that if I were to meet a car going the other way it would be difficult to pass even on my Brompton, but luckily there was only one other vehicle I encountered and it was going the same way.

Luckily my Brompton has 6 gears, being the “M6R” model so the steep hills could be taken in a low gear without difficulty.    As it is a hub gear you have to stop pedalling while changing gear, so it pays to plan ahead and change down before the hill gets too steep.


Easter Monday

The weather today was pretty overcast and dull, unlike yesterday when it was really sunny.   Thought I’d take some shots from the multi storey car park, so up the stairs….


Definitely quite a dull day, but at least no harsh shadows to deal with


The River Tone and Deller’s Wharf


Shoppers in the town


Highest Point on Quantocks

Will's Neck

It was certainly very windy this afternoon on the Quantock Hills.
This is the triangulation point at the top of “will’s neck” which is 384 metres above sea level.

As I approached I had difficulty keeping upright as the wind was so strong so i was amazed to see that someone was actually standing on top of the triangulation post!

This shot was taken looking south with the Blackdown Hills on the left and the Brendon Hills on the right.

Taken with a Samsung G600 camera Phone